Q1. How to proceed with the payment of my order?

A1. 1. Click the “Add to cart” button on the goods you wish to purchase.

  1. Click “Continue Shipping” to add another goods or click “Checkout” to proceed the payment for the product.
  2. Insert your “Email” to get a formal receipt and “Shipping Information” to let our courier partner deliver to the right place.
  3. Next you may select the payment method to continue the payment.
  4. Last, the payment is done the order the order has success.


Q2. What are the payment methods supported?

A2. ongongcrystal.com is a payment platform supported by Paypal.


Q3. What is the product’s transaction currency?

A3. All products transaction currency will be done in MYR.


Q4. How long Does the delivery usually take?

A4. Normally we will ship out the parcel within 1-3 working days before verify the transaction and arrange for delivery.


Still have any questions feel free to contact our customer services to get a crystal clear answer.