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天然血石水晶柱 Natural Crystal Bloodstone Crystal Point

天然血石水晶柱 Natural Crystal Bloodstone Crystal Point

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血石 Bloodstone

血石又称血玉髓,主要产地在印度,和玛瑙、玉髓一样,属于隐晶质石英晶体,硬度6-6.5。 血石具备很多种颜色,有绿、黄、红、粉红、紫红、褐色等等。不过纯色的血石珠子不多见,通常是几种颜色混合在一起。有人容易把血石和鸡血石混为一谈,其实二者不是一类矿石,不仅外观不一样,而且鸡血石硬度低于血石,因此常用来做印章,而血石则无法被一般刀片刻划。

血石有着如血一般强大的生命力,因血液问题的毛病,如贫血、糖尿病、肾病等,都能用血石能量去作治疗 妇女病如月经不调,治疗或预防妇女病 加强生命力,强化气场,增进健康,防止外在不良能量的干扰或邪灵入侵。

血石使主人积极面对竞争,令其身心能负担大量焦虑和忧心,可增强主人的信心和气势,增进竞争胜算 能够加强信心,增进体力,强化干劲,不易觉得疲劳、倦怠。



Bloodstone, also known as blood chalcedony, is mainly produced in India. Like agate and chalcedony, it is a cryptocrystalline quartz crystal with a hardness of 6-6.5.

Bloodstone has many colors, including green, yellow, red, pink, purple, brown and so on. However, pure bloodstone beads are rare, usually a mixture of several colors. Some people tend to confuse bloodstone with bloodstone. In fact, the two are not the same type of ore. Not only are they different in appearance, but the hardness of bloodstone is lower than that of bloodstone, so it is often used as a seal, and bloodstone cannot be engraved by ordinary blades.

Strong vitality like blood, blood problems, such as anemia, diabetes, kidney disease, etc., can be treated with blood stone energy Women’s diseases such as irregular menstruation, treatment or prevention of women’s diseases Strengthen vitality, strengthen aura, improve health, prevent the interference of external bad energy or the invasion of evil spirits.

Enabling the owner to actively face the competition, so that he can bear a lot of anxiety and worry, can enhance the owner's confidence and momentum, and increase the chance of winning in competition Can strengthen confidence, increase physical strength, strengthen motivation, and not easily feel tired and tired.

When encountering unsatisfactory things, you can hold the blood stone to meditate and strengthen your vitality, which can dispel the fear, sorrow and helplessness of poverty, restore confidence, and not follow the trend.

Help gather wealth, strengthen spiritual power, and prevent evil spirits from interfering.


! Please read before place order ! All crystals in our shop is natural, there is no 100% perfection, please don't place order if you can't accept, thank you!!

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