Our Story


Ong Ong Crystal provides high quality and high standards natural crystal which is known as the most reliable platform to purchase crystal products or ornaments. Our products are unique in representing crystal and Feng Shui culture.  Through the past 12 years, Ong Ong Crystal has been mastering the knowledge in Natural Crystal and Feng Shui. For the past few years, we have been expanding and transforming our business online in order to spread the knowledge that we have learned and increase awareness of natural crystal and Feng Shui Knowledge to improve our customer life’s quality.

Our main job scope is providing Feng Shui Services and recommend the most suitable natural crystal including Crystal Bracelet, Pendant, Ornaments and others to our customers with our Feng Shui knowledge. Product quality, trending design, reasonable price and customer’s needs are highly focused.



To become a nationwide leader in the Jewelry Industry by adapting to change & delivering quality crystal knowledge and services.



Our key mission is to spread positive energy with the finest quality crystal to serve the most discerning customer. Besides, we aim to redefine the industry standard designs and quality score through path breaking strategies which include collaboration with those who have similar beliefs and values in providing quality and innovative crystal products and Feng Shui Knowledge.



Professional – Aggressive and progressive in executing strategies different from our competitor that allow us to stand on the success podium all the time

Integrity – Build trustworthiness and winning the hearts of our competitors and customers

Innovation – Persistent in research, developing and provide the finest quality of crystal for customer